Clinical Services

Mediclinic provides a wide range of hospital-related clinical services throughout its operating platforms. This includes outpatient consultation services and pre-hospital emergency services, hospital-based emergency centres, day case surgery, acute care inpatient services, and highly specialised services. Support services include laboratory, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

Mediclinic strives to ensure that the clinical services provided throughout the organisation are efficient, effective, appropriate, evidence-based and in line with modern technological advances. This is approached by way of clinical governance, clinical information management and clinical services development. Clinical governance focuses on ensuring patient safety and quality improvement. Clinical information management enables clinical performance measurement and deals with systems that support the clinical care process at hospital level, including electronic patient records. Clinical services development deals with developing new coordinated care models, investigating new services lines and keeping abreast of technological developments.

Clinical services that provide efficient, effective and safe patient care of the highest standard are what Mediclinic is all about. With effective clinical leadership structures, a strong focus on patient safety and an integrated approach to delivering care, Mediclinic is well positioned to provide excellent value to its patients well into the future.

Clinical Services Contact Person
Dr Ronnie van der Merwe
(Chief Clinical Officer)

Clinical Services Reports
A Clinical Services Report is published annually with the annual report. Please visit the Investor Relations section for the latest and previous reports. ‚Äč

Corporate Governance

Mediclinic is committed to maintaining strict principles of good corporate governance and the highest standards of integrity and ethics. The Board accepts full responsibility for corporate governance and is committed to ensuring a high standard of discipline, independence, ethics, equity, social responsibility, accountability, cooperation and transparency.

The Board is satisfied that the Company, as a company registered in accordance with the laws of England and Wales with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange, meets the requirements of the UK Companies Act of 2006, the UK Listing Authority’s Listing Rules and the majority of the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council, most recently updated in April 2016. As the Company also has a secondary listing on the JSE Limited (“JSE”), the South African stock exchange, the Company also meets all relevant requirements of the JSE Listings Requirements. The Company’s application of the governance principles contained in the UK Corporate Governance Code, alternatively an explanation of the non-application thereof, is reported on annually in the Company’s annual report, available in the Investor Relations section of the website.

Articles of Association
The Company is further governed by its Articles of Association. A rigorous policy review of the pre-takeover policies of the Company and Mediclinic International Limited will be conducted by the Board to ensure the continued application of the Group’s governance standards.

Board Committees
In accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code, the Board has established certain Board Committees which committees have defined tasks in terms of approved terms of reference.

Corporate Governance Contact Persons

United Kingdom:

Ms Victoria Dalby

South Africa:

Ms Léanne Heerink-Smit

Corporate Governance Reports
A Corporate Governance Report is included in the annual report. Please visit the Investor Relations section for the latest and previous reports.

Risk Management

The Board is ultimately accountable for the Group's risk management process and system of internal control. The Audit and Risk Committee monitors the risk management process and systems of internal control of the Group. The Board oversees the activities of the Group's external auditors and the Group's risk management function as delegated to the Audit and Risk Committee.

The Enterprise-Wide Risk Management ("ERM") policy is benchmarked against the international COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organisations of the Treadway Commission) framework, defines the risk management objectives, methodology, process and the responsibilities of the various risk management role-players in the Group. The objective of risk management in the Group is to establish an integrated and effective risk management framework where important risks are identified, quantified and managed in order to achieve an optimal risk/reward profile. An integrated approach ensures that risk management is incorporated into the day-to-day operational management processes and therefore allows management to focus on core activities.

The Group has in place a comprehensive system of internal controls which is designed to ensure that risks are mitigated and that the Group's objectives are attained. The system includes monitoring mechanisms and ensures that appropriate actions are taken to correct deficiencies when they are identified.

Compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, accepted standards or codes is integral to the Group's risk management process and is monitored.

Risk Management Contact Person
Mr Martin Rossouw
(Group Risk Manager)

Risk Management Reports
A report on key risks and measures taken to mitigate such risks is included in the annual report. Please visit the Investor Relations section for the latest and previous annual reports.

Tax Strategy
Mediclinic’s Tax Strategy sets out the Group’s commitment to conduct its tax affairs consistent with the objectives of complying with all relevant laws, rules, regulations and reporting and disclosure requirements in the jurisdictions within which it operates; and maintaining mutual trust and respect in dealings with all tax authorities in the jurisdictions which the Group does business.

Sustainable Development

The Mediclinic Group is committed to being a good corporate citizen and believes that sustainability must be integrated in its business strategy, focusing not only on its financial output, but also on managing and utilising social and environmental resources efficiently to ensure a sustainable business in the long term.

Mediclinic’s track record on delivering growth and creating long-term value in all its business operations in Southern Africa, Switzerland and the UAE is testament to its strategy of being a long-term player and delivering a sustainable business. While growth, profitability and creating shareholder value are certainly major strategic drivers, this cannot be achieved unless the Group offers efficient, effective, appropriate and evidence-based clinical services to its patients; follows ethical business practices, values its employees by following fair labour practices and offering competitive remuneration, training and development opportunities; respects the communities within which the Group operates and contributes to the well-being of society; and carefully manages its impact on the environment by focusing on its carbon footprint, use of energy and water resources and waste management.

Through the Group’s sustainability efforts Mediclinic believes that it will:

  • maintain its business integrity;

  • continue creating shareholder value and growing the business;

  • offer improved access to capital by providing a responsible investment proposition;

  • effectively manage its risks;

  • increase its ability to attract and retain staff;

  • effectively manage and minimise its impact on the environment; and

  • maintain and improve the confidence, trust and respect of its stakeholders.

The Group Sustainable Development Policy, Group Environmental Policy and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics codify Mediclinic’s commitment to conducting business responsibly, which are reviewed annually.

The following material sustainability issues have been identified and are addressed in the Sustainable Development Report published annually and available in the Investor Relations section of the website:

  • provide quality healthcare services

  • address the shortage of healthcare practitioners;

  • create and sustain shareholder value;

  • responsible use of natural resources; and

  • governance and corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable Development Contact Person
Ms Lizanne Kleyn-De Villiers

Sustainable Development Reports
Reports on the Group’s sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are published annually with the annual report.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
The Group’s operations in South Africa, Mediclinic Southern Africa, forms an integral part of the political, social and economic community in South Africa and is committed to sustainable transformation as part of its business strategy. Mediclinic Southern Africa’s Executive Committee is responsible to ensure that the appropriate focus is placed on the group’s commitment to the development and implementation of sustainable broad-based black economic empowerment (“B-BBEE”) initiatives.

We value your feedback
We value your opinion and invite you to take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey giving feedback on Mediclinic's sustainable development reports and initiatives. Please download the form and send us your feedback through any of the options indicated on the form.

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Business Conduct & Ethics

Conducting business in an honest, fair and legal manner is a fundamental guiding principle in Mediclinic, which is actively endorsed by the Board and management, ensuring that the highest ethical standards are maintained in all our dealings with stakeholders.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides a framework for directors and employees within the Mediclinic Group of the standards of business conduct and ethics that is required of them.

The Group offers an anonymous toll-free Ethics Line for the reporting of any misconduct and is managed by an independent service provider, which ensures that each call will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  The service is available in South Africa and the UAE on a 24-hour basis to all staff and external stakeholders.  Regular feedback is received via the system and all complaints are investigated according to a set protocol.

Our Anti-bribery Policy supports this commitment to ensure compliance with all anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations.

To report any misconduct, please make use of the contact details provided below:


(Holding company)

Ethics Contact Person:
Mr Martin Rossouw

Mediclinic Corporate Office
PO Box 456
South Africa

Toll-Free Ethics line:
0800 005 316 (only available if calling from South Africa)



(South Africa and Namibia)

Ethics Contact Person:
Mr Martin Rossouw

Mediclinic Corporate Office
PO Box 456
South Africa

Toll-free Ethics line:
0800 005 316 (only available if calling from South Africa)



Ethics Contact Person:
Ms Claudia Dusold

Hirslanden Corporate Office
Boulevard Lilienthal 2
CH - 8152 Glattpark

Toll-free Ethics Line:
0800 005 316 (only available if calling from Switzerland)


(United Arab Emirates)

Ethics Contact Person:
Mr Darayus Baria

Mediclinic Middle East
Publishing Pavilion Building
Floor 7
Dubai Production City
United Arab Emirates

Toll-free Ethics Line:
800 1 55000 (only available if calling from the UAE)