Mediclinic monitors the spread of COVID-19 internationally on a daily basis through multi-disciplinary divisional and Group taskforces, which are centrally coordinated by the Group Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Clinical Officer.

As a long-established international healthcare service provider, the Group’s divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa and the United Arab Emirates work collaboratively with their respective governments and through their expert Infection Control and Prevention Departments follow the strict guidelines and protocols required by the relevant authorities. In addition, the divisions also have clearly defined global communicable disease emergency preparedness programmes that govern how they admit, contain, triage and treat patients with suspected or confirmed communicable diseases to ensure the health and safety of both patients and staff. These programmes continue to be regularly re-evaluated.

Mediclinic has, furthermore, imposed a Group-wide restriction on all non-essential cross-border and domestic business travel for the foreseeable future with strict approval processes in place for those needing to travel  in exceptional circumstances. Scenario and contingencies planning have been established to support business continuity. Supply chains remain a key focus and procurement strategies are continuously re-evaluated. The Group’s global sourcing capability strengthens its ability to respond to the current situation and we closely monitor this in real time.  

For more information, kindly visit the local information webpages of Hirslanden, Mediclinic Southern Africa and Mediclinic Middle East.

The Group's latest update in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic is included in its 2020 Full-year Trading and COVID-19 Update.