Developing an Engaged and Productive Workforce

The attraction of suitably qualified healthcare professionals is essential in delivering the Group’s Patients First strategy. We aim to provide a working environment with a supporting culture where employees can thrive. The continued investment in initiatives that support this overarching goal is visible in the turnover of scarce skills that has shown a significant decline. These initiatives include engagement, corporate health and wellness, continuous development, mentoring and coaching. It requires a long-term focus and genuine transformation of practices in order to be successful. These initiatives will be continued and expanded to create a diverse and inclusive environment that enables optimal performance of employees.


Workforce optimisation has been a key focus for the year. Resources were allocated to analyse current workforce practices with the intention to optimise the utilisation of human resources especially in the clinical environment. A new methodology of workforce planning and scheduling was piloted and integrated during the annual budgeting process. Continued focus on workforce planning and forecasting will ensure that the goal of operational efficiency is achieved as required in order to deliver on the Patients First strategy.


Implementation of world-class workforce optimisation initiatives and the integration of these principles in the relevant business processes

Continued investment in training and skills development to maintain and improve quality service delivery

Entrenching the employee engagement survey and embedding follow up actions across the Group

Continued people management development for line managers

Ongoing implementation of a standardised human resources ICT system