DomoSafety AG and Hirslanden have agreed on a long-term strategic partnership under which Hirslanden is making a capital investment in DomoSafety AG.

DomoSafety is a leading company in the digital health segment and develops innovative solutions in the field of patient safety, health monitoring and decision support in the home care environment. The disruptive solutions developed offer more safety, quality of life and independence for people wanting to stay in their own environment, enjoying personalised care. As a leading Swiss healthcare provider, Hirslanden , together with its public and private cooperation partners, focuses on integrated medical care along the entire life cycle, or what is known as the continuum of care. Stéphan Studer, Chief Operating Officer West of Hirslanden explains: "By collaborating with DomoSafety, we are strengthening our position as an innovative healthcare provider and further expanding the continuum of care in the home care sector." Guillaume DuPasquier, CEO of DomoSafety, adds: "We empower people to manage their health at home on their own terms. We are thrilled to partner with the Hirslanden Group to consolidate the link between hospitals and home care and provide a unique experience to patients."

James Arnold

Head of Investor Relations
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