In future, the Hirslanden Group will be placing an even greater emphasis on the training and professional development of heart surgeons. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Thierry Carrel has been appointed Director of Professional Development and Research for Heart Surgery at Hirslanden and is now in charge of establishing the professional development network. Now that the Hirslanden heart surgery centres in Bern and Aarau have become well-established, the Insel Group and Hirslanden have agreed to dissolve their institutional heart surgery partnership at these sites and continue their activities independently going forward.

With Klinik Beau-Site and Klinik Aarau, Hirslanden has been involved for several years in the professional development of heart surgeons. As Director of Professional Development and Research for Heart Surgery at Hirslanden, Prof. Dr. med. Thierry Carrel will be in charge of establishing a professional development network that will bring together public and private partners in the field of cardiac medicine for the benefit of aspiring heart surgeons all across Switzerland. Carrel, one of Switzerland’s leading heart surgeons, boasts many years of experience, enabling him to bring his proven expertise in teaching and research to the table and support junior medical staff at the Hirslanden hospitals as they continue to develop. As an affiliated doctor Carrel will continue performing surgical procedures in cooperation with the local team at the Hirslanden Klinik Aarau and now also at the heart surgery department Hirslanden Zurich. For selected operations, he will work in all Hirslanden hospitals that have heart surgery.

For 21 of the 25 years he has worked for Inselspital, Carell has held the title of Professor Ordinarius at the University of Bern and Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Inselspital. He will continue to provide his expertise for ongoing research projects at the University of Bern, which include collaborations with ETH Lausanne and Microcity Neuchâtel.

Inselspital, Hirslanden Klinik Beau-Site in Bern and Hirslanden Klinik Aarau are highly respected and successful heart surgery centres in Switzerland. The professional exchange among heart surgeons is a pillar of this partnership. Both parties have therefore come to the consensus that a single operating model for all locations is no longer needed for the cooperation between institutions. In the course of this restructuring, Prof. Dr. med. Lars Englberger (Local Director of Hirslanden Aarau), Dr. med. Eva Roost (Local Director of Hirslanden Bern) and Dr. med. Hurni will be transferring entirely to Hirslanden, while Dr. med. David Reineke will be returning to Inselspital.

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