Mediclinic Stellenbosch is proud to open its doors in the new location at 1 Elsie du Toit Drive in Brandwacht, Stellenbosch on 1 June 2019. The acute hospital was previously located in the well-known suburb of Die Boord in Stellenbosch but due to the growing demand for care from an ever-expanding Winelands community, the move allowing greater capacity was necessitated.

The newly built hospital will initially offer 95 beds with the capacity to expand to 160 beds. There are three theatres (with capacity to expand to five in the future), and eight different units within the hospital. A level one 24-hour Emergency Centre will provide emergency treatment to residents while a critical and high care unit, surgical and medical units will support patients with world-class expertise and care. “Our investment into Mediclinic Stellenbosch demonstrates our true commitment to building and expanding healthcare where possible in South Africa. We understand that quality healthcare means investing in new technology that promotes better outcomes and in training the best possible nurses to deliver quality care. These are all areas that Mediclinic sees as key to maintaining our position as a leading healthcare provider in South Africa,” says Koert Pretorius, Chief Executive Officer Mediclinic Southern Africa.

“Longer term patients’ being treated in the previous facility will be safely transferred with the assistance of ER24 commencing 1 June 2019. Patients remaining at the Die Boord premises include those in the orthopaedics unit, which will remain at this site, as well as patients within the mother and child units,” says Carol van Zyl, Hospital General Manager Mediclinic Stellenbosch. Mother and child refers to the neo-natal, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, which will relocate on 1 August 2019. At this point the Die Boord facility will begin operation on 1 August 2019 as Mediclinic Winelands Orthopaedic Hospital, specialising in orthopaedics and rheumatology in partnership with the Institute of Orthopaedics and Rheumatology.

The co-located Mediclinic Stellenbosch Day Clinic caters for minor, planned procedures that can be safely completed and discharged on a same day basis. This day clinic offers a 20 bed facility with 2 theatres in a streamlined environment, with the same quality care expected of a Mediclinic facility.

The new facility offers a fresh, modern look that speaks to quality healthcare but still maintains the essence of its roots through typical Stellenbosch colours and landscaping. The Mediclinic design team selected “outside in” to drive the more creative elements of the decor. Facades, colours palettes and textures all draw from the concept of visually bringing the mountains and trees typical to the region into the hospital.

As the period of construction of Mediclinic Stellenbosch coincided with a dramatic drought in the Western Cape, the Mediclinic infrastructure team sought to support conservation efforts by including a number of water wise elements both in construction as well as through ongoing day-to-day operations of the hospital. These included the use of ground water that is naturally present on the location for construction, supplemented by non-potable water brought in by a certified supplier when necessary. Over the longer term the installation of a water-wise garden, recycled water being utilised for the autoclaves, as well as low flow aerators on showers and basins and sensor taps in the public bathrooms will seek to limit the potential water usage of the hospital.

An envelope design was core to the building architecture. “This design,” says Kobus Jonck, General Manager Infrastructure for Mediclinic Southern Africa, referring to the layer between the internal and external areas of the hospital, “has been optimised to reduce the need for additional heating/cooling inside the structure; thus optimising energy efficiencies.” A white roof was chosen as this reflection reduces thermal intake. Solarvue glazing was selected for the windows as the control film on the glass reduces the heat generated by the light, and thus reduces the need for climate control within the wards. Fins and overhangs were also utilised in the design to screen the windows from direct sunlight during the harshest periods of the day.

“Twenty five specialists will be accommodated at the hospital, with all the key services such as radiology, nuclear medicine, pharmacy and pathology are currently available for the community. Other services such as wound care and baby clinic will be coming on board as the hospital becomes further established,” explains van Zyl.

She concludes, “We are really excited about the opportunities that this development offers to the Stellenbosch and greater Winelands community. Expanded care, a day clinic facility as well as specialised orthopaedic care later in the year all contribute to greater options for our patients.”


About Mediclinic International plc
Mediclinic is an international private healthcare services group, established in South Africa in 1983, with divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia) and the United Arab Emirates.

The Group’s core purpose is to enhance the quality of life.

Mediclinic is focused on providing specialist-orientated, multi-disciplinary services across the continuum of care in such a way that the Group will be regarded as the most respected and trusted provider of healthcare services by patients, medical practitioners, funders and regulators of healthcare in each of its markets.

Mediclinic comprises 77 hospitals, five sub-acute hospitals, 12 day case clinics and 21 outpatient clinics. Hirslanden operates 18 hospitals, two day case clinics and three outpatient clinics in Switzerland with more than 1 900 inpatient beds; Mediclinic Southern Africa operates 52 hospitals, five sub-acute hospitals and 12 day case clinics with more than 8 500 inpatient beds; and Mediclinic Middle East operates seven hospitals, two day case clinics and 18 outpatient clinics with more than 900 inpatient beds in the United Arab Emirates.

The Company’s primary listing is on the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) in the United Kingdom, with secondary listings on the JSE Ltd in South Africa and the Namibian Stock Exchange in Namibia.

Mediclinic also holds a 29.9% interest in Spire Healthcare Group plc, a leading private healthcare group based in the United Kingdom and listed on the LSE.

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