Mediclinic provides a wide range of healthcare services across its divisions, including outpatient consultations and pre-hospital emergency services, hospital-based emergency centres, day case surgery, acute care inpatient care, and highly specialised services. Support services include laboratory, radiology, precision and nuclear medicine.

We strive to ensure that the clinical services provided throughout our organisation are efficient, effective, appropriate, evidence-based and in line with modern technological advances. This is approached by way of clinical governance, clinical information management and clinical services development. Clinical governance focuses on ensuring patient safety and quality improvement. 

Clinical information management enables clinical performance measurement and deals with systems that support the clinical care process at hospital level, including electronic patient records. Clinical services development deals with developing new coordinated care models; investigating new services lines; and keeping abreast of technological developments.

Clinical services that provide efficient, effective and safe patient care of the highest standard are key to our business model. With effective clinical leadership structures; a strong focus on patient safety; and an integrated approach to delivering care, we are well positioned to provide excellent value to our clients well into the future.

Clinical Services Reports

We produce a Clinical Services Report as part of our annual Corporate Profile. Past issues are available below. 

Dr René Toua
Group Chief Clinical Officer