Mediclinic is a diversified international private healthcare services group, established in South Africa in 1983, with divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia) and the Middle East.

The Group’s core purpose is to enhance the quality of life.

Mediclinic is focused on providing specialist-orientated, multi-disciplinary services across the continuum of care in such a way that the Group will be regarded as the most respected and trusted provider of healthcare services by clients, medical practitioners, funders and regulators of healthcare in each of its markets.

At 31 March 2024, Mediclinic comprised 74 hospitals, five subacute hospitals, six mental health facilities, 20 day case clinics and 28 outpatient clinics. Hirslanden included 17 hospitals and five day case clinics with around 1 900 inpatient beds; Mediclinic Southern African operations included 50 hospitals (three of which in Namibia), five subacute hospitals, six mental health facilities and 14 day case clinics (four of which operated by Intercare) across South Africa, and around 8 800 inpatient beds; and Mediclinic Middle East operated seven hospitals, one day case clinic and 28 outpatient clinics with around 950 inpatient beds in the UAE. 

Mediclinic also holds a 29.7% interest in Spire Healthcare Group plc, a leading private healthcare group based in the United Kingdom and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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