Join our first Group-wide hackathon journey and help us tackle one of Mediclinic’s biggest challenges!

A hackathon is a time-based event during which teams consisting of both technical and business experts collaborate intensively to solve a collective challenge. The aim is to design and present the most innovative solutions, whereafter the final concept, prototype or presentation will be pitched to a panel of judges.

If chosen, you will participate in one of three divisional hackathons during May 2023. More than 200 participants will join forces with experts and mentors to create novel solutions to the challenge below.

The Challenge: Building the workplace of the future

How might we incorporate flexibility into the workplace to better cater to our employees' needs and strengthen our ‘Employer of choice’ status now and in the future?

When and Where?

Swiss hackathon

in Zurich

Monday, 8 May at 09:00 – Tuesday, 9 May at 19:00

Middle East hackathon

in Dubai

Saturday, 13 May at 9:00 – Sunday, 14 May at 19:00

Southern African hackathon (includes Group Services)

in Cape Town

Tuesday, 23 May at 9:00 – Wednesday, 24 May at 19:00

Final pitches will take place during the afternoon and evening of the second day of each hackathon. A panel of judges comprising internal and external members will deliberate and select the winning teams. These teams will then move on to the next stage of the hackathon journey.

Interested? Fill out the registration form by clicking on the button below.

Middle East

Southern Africa

Group Services

What is in it for me?

If selected, you will have the unique opportunity to:

Connect and work with diverse colleagues;

Engage with international experts, mentors and Mediclinic management;

Be part of unique and inspiring events that will test your ability to collaborate and innovate;

Pitch your ideas; and

Get support from our Innovation Hub, and its internal and external partners.

If you win your divisional hackathon,

you and your team will be able to dedicate 20% of your working time to continue your hackathon journey. You will experience innovation at its fullest by:

Further developing and implementing your team’s idea between June and October with the support of your division, our Innovation Hub, and its internal and external partners;

Venturing into a week-long innovation safari in an inspiring location where you will experience the multiple facets of innovation and what it means to transform an idea into an innovation; and

Presenting your idea to Mediclinic management and competing against the winning teams from the other divisions for the title of 2023 Mediclinic hackathon winner.

Play by the rules

  • All Mediclinic employees (full time and part time) can register for the hackathons.
  • The final presentation to the panel of judges must be in English (as well as the implementation in the second phase and the presentation to Mediclinic management). During the hackathon journey, where possible, support will be provided not only in English, but also in German and French.
  • By applying, you confirm that the rights to everything produced during the hackathon and the implementation thereafter are assigned to Mediclinic International.
  • By applying, you agree to the publication of visual and audio material taken during the hackathon for internal and external communication purposes.
  • General Mediclinic and divisional guidelines concerning cooperation, code of conduct and personnel regulations apply and must be observed at all times.


By completing the registration form, I take note of the consent required during the entire hackathon journey, and confirm that I am comfortable with and will provide consent in the form of a completed and signed version of the document below.

Rights regarding Intellectual Property

I hereby confirm that all rights, title and interest to any intellectual property rights to the outcome, products or deliverables produced as part of, or resulting from, the hackathon (whether created by me or as part of a team) and the following implementation, whether written or verbal, and whether registered or unregistered in nature, are irrevocably assigned to Ouroboros Solutions AG or Mediclinic Group Services (Pty) Ltd (both subsidiaries of Mediclinic International), as may be applicable depending on the outcomes of the hackathon. Furthermore, confidentiality and all other employment obligations towards your employment contract applies.

By completing the registration form, you irrevocably declare your consent to the use of the recordings by Mediclinic International and/or its subsidiaries for the purposes described above, free of charge, for an unlimited period of time, worldwide and without restriction. The employee acknowledges and agrees that Mediclinic International and/or its subsidiaries are authorised to edit, change, copy, reproduce, display, and otherwise publish the recordings.

By signing this agreement, the employee commits to:

  1. being available to participate and attend all mandatory pre-hackathon activities and workshops;
  2. being available to participate and attend both days of their divisional hackathon {insert dates of each divisional hackathon}, and if part of the team winning of their divisional hackathon, all post-hackathon biweekly sprints, team-working sessions, the hackathon innovation safari (September 2023); and
  3. invest a minimum of 20% or their time to implement the solution with their team until November 2023.

The number of participants per divisional hackathon is limited to 60. Teams will be created upon the completion of the registration process. We reserve the right to amend teams of people with too similar background as well as to cancel the event in case of low participation.