Strategic Overview

The Group’s strategic focus is to deliver high-quality healthcare services and provide an optimal patient experience across the operating divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa and the Middle East. To this end, Mediclinic continued to invest in its people, clinical facilities and technology during the year. The Group’s growing international scale enables it to unlock further value through promoting collaboration and best practice between its operating divisions and to extract further synergies and cost-efficiencies.

Long-term demand for Mediclinic’s services, across its operating divisions, remains robust, underpinned by inter alia ageing population, growing disease burden and technological innovation. However, the increase in demand across the operating divisions is juxtaposed by lower economic growth in some regions and greater competition. In addition, there is an increased focus on the affordability of delivering healthcare which is resulting in changing care delivery models and greater regulatory oversight.

The Group is well positioned to continue to drive long-term value for its shareholders with a well-balanced portfolio of global operations in all three attractive healthcare markets. Together with an equity investment, this portfolio provides the Group with a sound platform for sustainable long-term performance.