Celebrating Four Decades Of Care

Following its humble beginnings in 1983, Mediclinic has since emerged and grown into a strong international brand with a footprint across Southern Africa, Switzerland and the Middle East.

As Mediclinic celebrates its 40th birthday, one thing remains the same: the desire to ensure that we are able to enhance the quality of care across each entry point along the continuum of care. We achieve this commitment to quality care through a strong team approach, improving the lives of the communities we serve.

From pro bono CSI surgeries to large-scale international sporting events, each encounter with Mediclinic offers our patients and the community the same level of quality care.

Our Journey

In 1983, founder Dr Edwin Hertzog had a vision for a strong private hospital brand that could compete within the South African healthcare market. Through careful acquisitions, investing in new facilities and the expansion of the care continuum, the Mediclinic Group now employs more than 37 000 employees and cares for more than 840 000 patients each year.

Mediclinic remains committed to our success as an integrated healthcare partner, harnessing data, technology and innovation to facilitate our growth across the continuum of care while offering sustainable value to our clients.

Dr Edwin Hertzog is exceptionally proud of the journey this organisation has taken. ‘When we first listed Mediclinic on the JSE in South Africa, the shares were ZAR1 a share. With the privatisation of Mediclinic this year, they were ZAR118 a share. Now we look at a bold new future where we are no longer listed, but owned by two multinational organisations who will position the company for the future. This continual adjustment positions Mediclinic for the best possible future.’

Continuum Of Care

In Southern Africa, where the brand originated, Mediclinic has recently broadened its mental health offering while also investing in greater local availability of renal services as well as the expansion into precision medicine.

Hirslanden offers a well-established and recognised brand across Switzerland and is growing public-private partnerships within different cantons to offer further specialised care. Their continuum of care is also constantly being expanded through careful investments.

In the Middle East, the third area of expansion, Mediclinic has established itself as one of the largest and most trusted healthcare providers in the region. The division has added a number of flagship facilities in recent years. It offers diagnostic and radiology services and has recently expanded into remote and home care, as well as digital healthcare and precision medicine.

Digitalising The Future

Mediclinic’s investment in technology and ICT is a key strategic focus area. We are aligning our internal infrastructure to ensure we continue to meet our client’s growing needs and actively developing new platforms to ensure greater access to care and the most relevant health-related information. Our infrastructure and electronic health record systems will bring secure access for our healthcare practitioners to make more informed decisions to the benefit of our patients.  

We are proud of the Care Collaboration Centre in the Middle East that now allows for more accessible care without being admitted to a hospital while Southern Africa is in its final stages of expanding in this area. Together with other partners such as Medbase, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, Swica and the LUKS Group, Hirslanden has recently launched Compassana, a digital health ecosystem in order to connect all relevant players in the Swiss healthcare system. With Compassana, a digital ecosystem guides clients on coordinating their own healthcare services and supporting their health journey at any stage of life.